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AER Series iPhone XR Wood Burmese Rosewood (AFIX+ Magnetic Mount Included)

AER Series iPhone XR Wood Burmese Rosewood (AFIX+ Magnetic Mount Included)

Product Review (submitted on December 28, 2018):
I had carbon fiber version for my iPhone 7 and was pleased enough with its performance to buy the wood version for my iPhone XR. I like the style a lot and it performs very well. Only complaint is that the perimeter of my iPhone 7 version had a very slight rubbery feel; not enough to stick in pockets but better grip in hand. New iPhone XR version seems to be a more dense material that makes it slicker/slippery in the hands; ribs along edge help reduce this from being an issue.
Compared directly with Mous, I like the Evutec case better as Mous has hard corners (as opposed to smooth contour of Evutec case) and perimeter of Mous case is extremely slick without ribs or texture. Additionally, I had issues with quality control on Mous case--missing one of the 4 magnetic sites.
Evutec AFIX vent mount works well and is secure with 4 magnetic points. However, because of that it is large and requires you to pick vertical or landscape phone position. Comparatively, I prefer the Mous vent/wall mount to the AFIX vent mount as the Mous vent/wall mount is lower profile with only two magnetic points. NOTE: Mous vent/wall mount works well with Evutec case in either landscape or vertical position.